Smoky Mountain Full Spectrum Boost Gummies | 30 Count

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Cherry Peach Flavored Gummies
600mg Total Cannabinoids
300mg CBD / 150mg CBG / 150mg THC per bag
10mg CBD / 5mg CBG / 5mg THC / 25mg L-theanine / 500mcG B12 per gummy


Introducing Boost CBD Gummies, offering two energizing options for personalized well-being. Our Pure Isolate variant delivers 15mg of THC-free CBD, 5mg CBG, 500mcg B12, and 25mg L-Theanine per gummy, ensuring a non-psychoactive experience. Alternatively, our Full Spectrum option features 10mg CBD, 5mg CBG, 5mg Delta 9 THC (D9), along with B12 and L-Theanine for a holistic entourage effect.

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