Sleepy Zs Green Roads CBD, CBN Gummies - (30ct) 750mg

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Chew, Relax, Sleep. (It's not complicated.)

A 30-count jar of blackberry-flavored gummies with melatonin, CBD, and CBN designed to help you relax before bed and get better rest. It’s the perfect addition to your evening routine.

  • It supports one of the most crucial aspects of your health: sleep
  • It has a delicious blackberry flavor
  • It has 5mg melatonin & 25mg of CBD/CBN per gummy
  • It's the perfect addition to your evening routine
  • 675mg total CBD
  • 75mg total CBN
  • 25mg / gummy
  • 30 gummies
  • Broad Spectrum 
  • Vegan & Gluten Free
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