Black Pepper 4oz Jar

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Pepper has earned its title as the "king of spices." It's one of the world's most popular seasonings. With its distinctly earthy and woody flavor, black pepper makes almost any savory dish bolder and more delicious. Its active ingredient, piperine, gives pepper its kick and helps the body absorb nutrients.
Botanical Name: Piper nigrum
Origin: Vietnam/India


Organic Black Pepper

The dried fruit of black pepper (also known as Piper nigrum) is made from the plant's unripened green drupes, which are called peppercorns. While it's native to Southern and Southeast Asia, black pepper is now cultivated across the world - from India to Indonesia, Brazil, and Ecuador.

With just a sprinkle, black pepper adds a bold flavor to any savory dish, sauce, or dressing. You can even sprinkle a small amount in sweet recipes for a flavorful twist.

Common Names

Maricha, Gulmirch

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