Just CBD Roll-On Freeze Gel 1500mg

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Freeze pain dead in its tracks with our soothing, mess-free roll-on.

Our vegan formula combines the power of medicinal plants and pure CBD isolate to bring you the oh-so-cooling experience that your aching muscles crave.

Mint, eucalyptus and camphor come together to form a naturally soothing menthol that’ll help your muscles relax and generate that icy, then hot reaction. With pure CBD isolate working alongside this cooling blend, your sore muscles and stiff joints will thank you.

And you’ll notice that best of all, CBD is the very first ingredient listed in our CBD roll-on, so you know we mean business when we talk about CBD concentrations.


Whether you’re glued to your desk or putting your back into it, tension & muscle pain happens to us all.

But you shouldn’t have to suffer, and with our all-new CBD roll-on Freeze Cream, you don’t have to!

After years of research & development, we’ve taken our classic CBD roll-ons and revitalized them, so that they’re extra soothing and revitalizing, thanks to super ingredients like yerba mate, tomentosa, and Boswellia.

And with 1500mg and 350mg of premium CBD that’s designed for optimal absorption, you can expect this roll-on to penetrate deep into the muscles, so you can get back to living life on your own terms.


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