Jeffrey's Organic Cigarettes'

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Introducing the hottest, newest hemp cbd cigarettes on the market. Exceptional quality unmatched anywhere, with margins and price points that are incredible! 
Nicotine free, tobacco free, less than .3% THC hemp cigarettes.
Made using the finest 100% organic hemp flower grown in the USA.
Each Jeffrey contains approx. 50mg of CBD.
Same size, weight and feel as a traditional cigarette, without any of the harmful stuff.

• 100% organic hemp and paper
• pureflow ™ biodegradable cellulose filter 
• aaa quality hemp flower
• packed full of healthy cbd, terpenes and other cannabinoids
• satisfying smoking experience
• free of tobacco, nicotine, additives
• no fillers, stems, seeds
• contains more cbd than expensive oils
• smoking hemp is the most bioactive way to ingest cbd


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