Delta 8 Sherbet Flower


Delta 8 THC has been gaining traction as a milder version of delta 9 THC, just without all of the psychoactive qualities. considered as more stable and less potent when binding to the CB1 receptors, this could be the reason why delta 8 THC provides similar benefits as delta 9 THC, but with less intensive effects.   

Greenhouse grown hemp flowers and coating them with clear delta-8 distillate oil and delta-8 infused keif. you add different layers to insure the flower dyes properly and smoke smoothly.  


Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Aroma: Orange, Citrus, and Earthy

Effect: Relief, Relax, and Calm

| JEleniel

I definitely enjoyed the light, cool citrusy notes and light flavor of this strain. It was not a smooth smoke in a pipe, but through a nicely chilled water pipe it did indeed remind me of a fruity sherbet.

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