Cannaa Banana Blue Raspberry Rings 500mg Delta 8, 6 pack

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We’ve perfected the sweet and soft candy past time you came to know and love. As you sink your teeth into our delicious mouth-watering treats, you’ll be delighted with sweet and sour fruity flavors.


  • Get into that Delta 8 Groove where you could achieve a wonderful state of relaxation.
  • These Blue Raspberry Rings are bursting with flavor and bring an extra special treat.
  • You’ll enjoy the sugar-sanded exterior, but you’ll love the soft fluffy interior.
  • Make sure you experience the delightfully sweet aroma.
  • When you taste them you’re in for a subtle and enjoyable drop of sweetness.
  • 6 candies per bag, 83mg Delta 8 per Blue Raspberry Rings.
  • Benefits from one Blue Raspberry Rings may last hours. Enjoy responsibly.


Hemp extract, sugar, invert sugar, citric acid, natural and artificial flavor.

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