Black Sheep D8/HHC/THCP Live Resin | Lemon Diesel | 2 Gram Cartridge

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  • QUANTITY: 2g
  • POTENCY: Click to view COA
  • INPUTS: Live Resin, D8, HHC, THCp
  • SPECS: Ceramic coil, medical grade components
  • OTHER: No MCT, PG, VG, or PGE oil

These premium live resin THCp vape cartridges are specifically crafted to cater to potency seekers who crave a delightful fusion of juicy fruit flavors and authentic cannabis essence derived from our genuine live resin. Black Sheep’s live resin THCp vape cartridges offer an unrivaled experience that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Carefully formulated with a precise blend of cannabinoids, including Delta 8, THCp, HHC, and cultivar-specific live resin (we avoid mixing cultivars to ensure more targeted effects), we harness the potent psychotropic compounds of hemp cannabis to provide you with a comprehensive high that distinguishes itself from the rest.

In addition to the scientifically balanced cannabinoid blend, our live resin THCp vape carts boast a generous 2g tank, allowing for extended usage and fewer purchases. Whether you prefer to indulge in solitude or share the experience with others, our vape cartridges provide ample supply to satisfy your needs.

Designed with utmost convenience and portability in mind, our quad blend vape cartridges are compact and ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in your hand. The sleek design ensures discreet consumption and effortless enjoyment, granting you the freedom to experience the benefits whenever and wherever you desire.

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